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• QUICK BIO: Awakening to the beauty of her journey, Tchiya Amet, singer, songwriter, keyboard artist and Cosmic Sound Healer, shares her sweet sounds and lyrical reflections with the rhythms of reggae,
6/21/2018 1:58:25 AM
Tchiya Amet
Covelo CA - United States
•  Reggae [Kemetic Devotional Music and KemeTones: Cosmic Sound Healing]

• INFLUENCES: Reggae, World Music, Astronomy / Astrology, History, Truth, Healing

Tchiya Amet-Singer, Songwriter, Healing Artist, Keyboards

Milky Way Records & Productions



• BIO:
Tchiya Amet El Maat
Awakening to the beauty of her journey, Tchiya Amet, singer, songwriter & keyboard artist, shares her sweet sounds and lyrical reflections with the rhythms of reggae, world and celestial music.

Chicago, IL Born August 5th, 1961 and raised as a young girl on the South side of Chicago, Il., Tchiya’s interests were as diverse as her cultural heritage. Her rich background resembles a patchwork quilt with the golden thread of spirit connecting each facet of her life.

Tchiya has First Nations Roots: Moor, Cherokee/Tsalagi, Creole, and Blackfoot. She is contemporary Urban Indigenous Woman, which is complemented by her core ties with mother-nature and her close affinity to the land, water, animals, cosmos and spirit. She is comfortable in the remoteness of the countryside, the depths of a lush jungle or on stage at metropolitan nightclubs soothing the hearts and souls of those within listening range. In essence, her gifts of lyricism, music and performance manifest in every fiber of her being and allows her roots to reach the now, the then and the will be…
As a young girl at the age of eight, she played the piano for many hours a day and composed her own tunes without formal training. She continued to play and write mostly for herself.

Music Shaped by Life Experiences
Much of her music is shaped by her life experiences. Her roots in the rich and diverse music town of Chicago, IL is replete with a keen sense of appreciation for life and its’ many nuances. At Oberlin College where she secured a degree in Physics and also entered the realm of The Conservatory. Simultaneously continuing her musical interest, Tchiya took up Jazz Piano and went on to perform with the Oberlin Jazz Ensemble.

As member of the ABUSUA Black Student Campus organization, Tchiya was introduced to many meaningful ideals, principles and prophets of the Black Consciousness Movement. This would include Ron Karenga, founder of the Nguza Saba (the foundation for the cultural observance of Kwanzaa) as well as Malcolm X, “Until all of us are free, none of us are free!”
After Oberlin, Tchiya studied Galactic Astronomy in the graduate program at the University of Texas in Austin with Gerard and Antoinette de Vaucouleurs. Some years later, this is also where she began her studies in Cultural Astronomy with Linda Schele. It was during this time that she learned about Natural Life and Healing, Yoga, the Spirit and Power of the Mind. Complimenting her healing consciousness, Reggae Music, the Rastafarian and Black Hebrew Israelite Movements opened her eyes and mind to Truth, History, Health and Culture.

As a natural progression, Tchiya became a vegetarian, yoga instructor, herbalist, a proponent of home-schooling, a professional musician, performing & recording artist, festival producer, organic gardener, natural foods co-op organizer, cultural astronomer, & most recently, acutonics (cosmic sound healing) practitioner and instructor.
Tchiya's CD(s)
Third CD "Celestial Folk Music"
Second CD "Black Turtle Island"
First CD "Rise Again Truth"

She has completed 3 CD’s: “Rise Again Truth” and “Black Turtle Island”. The third CD entitled “Celestial Folk Music” was recorded mostly in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, was released in 2012.

“Keeper of the Dream”
Tchiya is a “Keeper of the Dream”. The healing energy of her life is illuminating her music. Her natural singing voice & lyrics embody the spirit of beauty and variety as well as metamorphosis of rebirth, love & hope. The lion is her ally. Tchiya embraces the lion and learns to balance power, intention and strength with the feline grace and majesty. Her heartfelt change is transformational, leading the way to rebirth and clarity – that we are all related to one another.
Guided by the Sun and the Stars, this sister reminds us that the Sun is the prime source of light and heat for Planet Earth, and combined with rain it brings forth and sustains life. Tchiya is combining her gifts in music and science: healing & awareness with Sound; performing music that is inspired by the Ancient Wisdom which is to be found in Cultural Astronomy: the Traditional and Contemporary Celestial Worldviews of Indigenous Peoples of the Four Directions, and also in acutonics, with the Music of the Spheres.
Tchiya also shares the Teachings of the Four Directions, including Bhagavad Gita, the Lotus Sutra, The Kybalion, the Kabala, Cherokee Legends, Lakota Sundance, & Maat from Kemet.

Universal Truth
She is reaching out to a wider audience the more universal her music becomes--expounding the Universal Truth, the Law of Life. Tchiya, warm like the light of the sun and the heart of a lion, is Born to Rule. Her recordings are dedicated to the Great Universe who opened the path to her higher Self.
Each song is a prayer…
Can perform live with full reggae band, with or without horn section, more like a jazz trio, or solo. Depends on nature of the event.