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• QUICK BIO: If you were to watch a legendary entertainer, Say Garth Brooks, Ronnie Van Zant, Steven Tyler, Elvis Presley. It is likely that you would see the same traits in some of the sports greats, li
12/17/2017 4:13:25 PM
Clark Hill - Country Music Artist
Starke FL - United States
•  Country

• INFLUENCES: Garth Brooks, Neal McCoy, Craig Morgan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Vince Gill, Gaither Vocal Band,

Clark Hill-




• BIO:
If you were to watch a legendary entertainer, Say Garth Brooks, Ronnie Van Zant, Steven Tyler, Elvis Presley. It is likely that you would see the same traits in some of the sports greats, like Michael Jordon, Tom Brady or even Bear Bryant. A look in the eyes - an intensity - deep to their core.

When you see that same look deep inside the eyes of Country Musics rising star Clark Hill, it isn’t too hard to see what has this small town Florida boy connecting with audiences world wide, just a few short years after taking the risk, and following what many would call a “dream”. From high school football star, to heralded EMT/Firemen, through the valleys of life brought on by teenage decisions and their consequences, and years of searching through careers that Clark often showed amazing promise in. Just to find that what was missing, and the “dream” was a draw far greater than any fear accompanied. An uncharacteristically Smooth voice for a man of his physical stature, real life lyrics filled with passion, and an unparalleled performance fueled by the desire to connect with people are evident in all of his work. This foundation of Hard Word, sheer talent and what college scouts, former bosses, even those who oppose Clark personally, have simply called the “It Factor” , is what sets Clark apart.

His competitive nature to and the unusual desire to have word ‘Legendary’ accompanying his name one day, is equally matched by his desire to please, and to bring all who want to be a part of his life and his success along for the ride.

With the constant motor and required work ethic that accompanies many new and emerging artist and a confidence and stage persona that is often only seen in what many would call “legendary artists” it is only natural that fans connect with Clark on a personal level, a bigger than life personality mixed with the true southern roots offer a vulnerability that is missing in todays entertainment industry and has his fans leaving shows and appearances feeling more like family, than just a ticket holder.

This has landed him opening for artist Neal McCoy, Craig Morgan, Trace Adkins, Love and Theft, Chris Young, Brett Eldredge and many more. Even sharing the same festival lineups with countries mega superstars Jason Aldean, Maranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, and Florida Georgia Line to name a few. Clark’s most recent accomplishment being his most impressive, seeing him travel overseas to Southwest Asia with Armed Forces Entertainment on his stand alone tour performing for thousands of troops serving our country. It’s a testament to Clark’s live performance that he was chosen when many artist have seen three times the success before being granted such an opportunity.

With songs on his upcoming album written by established writers like Mike Rogers (Bonfire -Craig Morgan, Country Store- Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver) Jimmy Fortune of the legendary Statler Brothers, and even the currently trending artist Chris Young, his most impressive feet may still be that half the album was written by him alone. A risky move in todays competitive songwriting climate with hook laden trendy songs being all the rave, Clark felt like the risk was one worthy of taking. Connecting him directly with a fanbase that was nourished deep in the roots of family, not just blood, and continuing the stories that are filled with passion that is palpable when heard on recording, but especially…live.

That is ultimately where Clark ultimately wants you. As much as constant radio play and award shows is alluring to Clark, It doesn’t take long understand how he connects with us all the most and what his greatest desire is. To be Live and in person. He thrives off of live crowds like it was Gods sole design for him, and It won’t take but one look into the eyes of this perceivably mysterious artist to get exactly where this connection comes from. The vulnerability and transparency of one entertainer that truly lays everything on the line for his audience, who is often times taken aback by his own emotions, lets us see through those eyes into the man and artist that he is becoming.

Clark has already established the lofty expectations for his concert goers, that this experience is far greater than music, and more than entertainment. Although it’s not ground breaking, this throwback to the legends that came before his is no less impressive and you still have to see it to believe it. Clark has said “I step on stage trying to prove a point, determined to change the life of someone in the audience…” and it is never more evident than his first step on stage when the energy is visible and contagious, that someone will leave different. “but every single time I’m left standing in tears, a changed man”, he says.

It just happens to be that Clark is that someone.