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• QUICK BIO: UPDATE! Elisa Furr is now co-starring in the Top Production show in Waikiki, Rock a Hula, Legends in Concert! The new Rock-A-Hula® show is Waikiki’s largest cast, concert quality show feat
6/21/2018 2:00:23 AM
Elisa Furr Talent and Productions
Las Vegas NV - United States
•  Singer/Songwriter

• INFLUENCES: Chaka Khan, Journey, Heart, Ella Fitzgerald, Jennifer Holiday, ACDC

Elisa Furr-Entertainer, Impersonator, Producer, V.O Artist




• BIO:
Elisa Furr is now co-starring in the Top Production show in Waikiki, Rock a Hula, Legends in Concert! You can catch her and the rest of the talented cast and tribute artists 6 nights a week at 8 pm at the Royal Hawaiin Center in Waikiki.

Imagine the “King of Rock ‘n Roll” alongside the “King of Pop,” singing on stage together with Lady Gaga. It happens 6 nights a week (excluding Mondays) at Rock-A-Hula®! During the show, historic Hawaiian performances of the original artists are recreated through the magic of computerized projections of actual concert footage blended with a rockin’ live band, on-stage singing and dancing by the tribute artists and a dozen professional dancers. It’s where Aloha spirit meets Las Vegas “wow,” and a “must do” for an evening to remember!

Now more about Elisa's Solo Career.

Elisa continues to tour around the world with her Tribute to Celine concert and just completed a successful mini tour in Florida and is slated to head there again in 2017 for 8 more concerts.

With a list of credits that include singer, MTV video dancer, songwriter, producer, voice coach and television and film music composer, Elisa now takes the reigns as one of the worlds leading Celine Dion Impersonators.

From the moment that Celine Dion's songs became popular and Elisa started performing them in her cover bands, she and others immediately began to recognize the similarity in their voices. No matter where she was performing, when she performed a Celine song, people would stop in their tracks to hear her finish the song and would often come up and hand her money after the song. "It just made people want to tip me, which is fine with me." She jokes. She also states that her natural voice sounded like Celines before she had ever even heard of the fabulous Celine Dion.

When you experience Elisa perform her "Tribute to Celine" show, from the onset of the first beat of the music, Elisa enters the stage with a passion and fervor like no other performer.

With a magnetic stage presence and gorgeous custom made costumes, Elisa sails her way through an exciting set of Celine's greatest hits playing to the audience as only Celine seems to be able to do.

Elisa absolutely sings from her heart putting herself out there baring her soul for all to see. When you experience her sing with such power, you often wonder how she accomplishes such range. She hits the high notes with the same Power that Celine does leaving many to wonder if she is actually lip- synching. Singing the songs with natural ease, she gets the crowds pumping with "Love Can Move Mountains", "I'm alive" and dances around the audience to "River Deep, Mountain High". Inevitably, there is not a dry eye in the house as she powerfully holds that last long high note of "The Power of Love" and breathlessly ends the final phrase of "My heart will go on".

What to expect from the "Tribute to Celine show?" Elisa as miss Celine Dion, singing and performing in her unique poses and positions, executing Celine's facial expressions and the way she speaks with her French Accent, wearing her replicated costumes and of course the icing on the cake, the almost identical singing voice . She has recently been hailed as the premiere Celine sound-alike of the United States.

Her rapport with the audience is natural and comedic featuring original monologues every time. Her eye to eye contact with the audience has every person feeling like she is singing only to them and makes them feel connected and very much a part of the show. It is not unusual to see a few people crying, who are just experiencing an overwhelming emotion.

Whether she is performing solo with tracks or commanding the stage with a band and her cast of back-up dancers, Elisa Furr can definitely fill Celine Dion's shoes as no other impersonator can. You will not be disappointed. Seeing is Believing…